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Pneumatic Lifting Bags
Pneumatic Lifting Bags


Pneumatic lifting bags

Pneumatic lifting bags, also called marine airbags, air lift bags, air lift air bags, roller bags, air lift bags, salvage bags.

Yutung's factory is the inventor of first airbags, and sets the standard in the industry for high performance and usage technology. Now, Pneumatic lifting bags(Intense pneumatic tire) are widely used in ship launching and landing, sunken ships salvage and refloatation, heavy lifting and conveying.
Ship launching or upgrading depending on pneumatic lifting bags is an innovative technology having utmost bright prospect in shipbuilding. Now the Flexible Launching Technology is full of mobility, with advantages such as saving effort, saving time, saving work load, saving investment, flexible, safe, reliable, and outstanding benefit, etc. The technology of apply air gasbag to the launching and landing of ships overcomes the restrictions of traditional slide board technology which is commonly used in building small or medium size ships.
After years of practice and accumulation of experience, we have developed this technology from facilitating the launching of only 1,000 DWT ships to current 55,000 DWT ships. And now this technology has become into a flexible, promising, secure and mature technology. Besides that, these pneumatic lifting bags(marine airbags) are widely used in upgrading of ships and boats of all sizes. 

Construction Features:

Pneumatic lifting bags(marine airbags), basic body consists of which consist of our rubber layers, synthetic-cord-reinforced rubber layers, are kind of a cylindrical airbags with hemispherical heads at the both ends. All of these are vulcanized together, and then compress air inside to enable in to roll.
1. Outer Rubber
The outer rubber layer of the pneumatic lifting bags(marine airbags) that covers the outside of launching airbags protects the cord layers from abrasion and other external forces. This compound has sufficient tensile and tear strength to withstand any weather condition and hard usage. Standard color is black.
2. Synthetic - tire - cord layer for reinforcement
The reinforcement cord layers of the lifting bags(marine airbags), which are made of Synthetic-tire-cord commonly used in tires, are arranged at ideal angles to hold the internal pressure and to distribute the stress evenly providing strong efficient reinforcement.
3. End Fittings
End fittings of the pneumatic lifting bags (marine airbags) include air tightness swivel and airbags safety air inlet.
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